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30 May, 2024

What is SSH UDP ?

SSH UDP Account tunneling is a method of transporting arbitrary networking data over an encrypted SSH UDP connection. It can be used to add encryption to legacy applications. It can also be used to implement VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and access intranet services across firewalls.

Free SSH UDP Tunnel a standard for secure remote logins and file transfers over untrusted networks. It also provides a way to secure the data traffic of any given application using port forwarding, basically tunneling any TCP/UDP port over SSH UDP. This means that the application data traffic is directed to flow inside an encrypted SSH UDP connection so that it cannot be eavesdropped or intercepted while it is in transit. SSH UDP enables adding network security to legacy applications that do not natively support encryption.

  1. SSH Supported Protocol
  2. OpenSSH over SSl/TLS Connection
  3. Dropbear over SSL/TLS Connection
  4. SSH Websocket
  5. SSH CDN Cloudflare
  6. SSH CDN Cloudfront
  7. SSH over DNS (SlowDNS or DNSTT)
  8. SSH UDP Custom

LionSSH provides Free and Premium Accounts. Free ssh account have a limited active periode of 3 days. But, you can extend its active period before it runs out. Premium ssh account will reduce balance every hour. So, member are required to top up first and make sure the balance is sufficient. All ssh tunnel accounts are equipped with unlimited bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

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